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November 18th, 2019 9:14 am | by admin

Lantek signs a worldwide collaboration agreement with the manufacturer of laser cutting machines HSG

Lantek, a pioneering multinational in the digital transformation of the sheet metal and fabrication industrial sectors, has announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the multinational HSG Laser Group. This agreement will involve the use of Lantek software in HSG’s high-end sheet metal fibre laser cutting machines, a segment in which the company is growing significantly worldwide.

The agreement reached by the companies will allow HSG customers worldwide to use powerful, scalable and open software to get the most out of their investments in machinery and software.

Alberto López de Biñaspre, CEO of Lantek, explains: “The agreement reached with HSG is part of our policy of partnerships with sheet metal cutting technology manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to this partnership, we will integrate our software into the broad base of fibre laser sheet cutting machines that HSG has all over the world, making our market knowledge and experience available to its customers.”

Through these solid product integrations, the company seeks to boost and strengthen both its relationship with partners and customers and generate greater synergies with them. It also aims to maximise and simplify implementations and improve interoperability, increasing the capability and productivity of users. Lantek currently has more than 100 cutting machine manufacturing partners worldwide.

Under this agreement, HSG and Lantek will be able to better address the opportunities and growth of the sector, as well as to satisfy the demands of the global market in terms of productivity and competitiveness. This collaborative agreement with HSG will make it possible to integrate the Lantek Expert CADCAM solution with its different fibre laser cutting machines, which are available in power levels up to 12 kW.

Alberto López de Biñaspre adds: “The sheet metal and fabrication industrial sector is at a critical moment and must take a step towards digitalisation. To ensure they are not left behind, companies need to interconnect their machines, processes and plants distributed around the world, by using technologies that allow them to meet production needs in real time, anticipate possible incidents and perform more efficient maintenance. The open, scalable and versatile nature of Lantek’s software solutions makes this possible.

“At Lantek, we want to help companies in the sector with their digitalisation, adapting ourselves to their needs and different levels of digital maturity. We are continuing to focus on improving our customers’ competitiveness and doing so by anticipating their needs with value proposals that allow them to be more efficient and profitable in the digital ecosystem. In this regard, our offer of a cloud platform responds to the challenges posed by the digital transformation, making production processes much more efficient.”

Yang Liu, CEO of HSG, says: “The agreement reached with Lantek is a great opportunity for all our customers, who can now use one of the most advanced CAD/CAM software solutions on the market.”

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