Taking the bends easily

December 4th, 2019 12:41 pm | by admin

Leatherhead-based company, Hunter & Hyland has recently made the leap to self-sufficient tube manipulation by investing in a mandrel bender from AMOB UK. Hunter & Hyland has a long heritage of crafting beautiful, bespoke drapery hardware in England since 1889 and is a proud holder of the Royal Warrant, supplying its custom-made products for the royal household.

Previously the company had outsourced its tube manipulation needs to a third party, a process expensive in both time and money. General manager Alan Woodward says that the decision to invest in an in-house solution to meet manufacturing needs was the logical next step and he believes the investment will not only save them time and money, but will increase their productivity in general, helping it to better serve their customers.

The drapery hardware company will use a wide set of interchangeable tooling to bend thin walled brass from 19 mm OD to 50.8 mm OD to the customers’ exact and individual needs, utilising the accuracy of modern machinery to achieve true precision in its manufacturing process. In addition to the round tube tooling, Hunter & Hyland asked AMOB to develop additional custom tooling which will allow it to mandrel bend tracks, where flexible inserts will prevent the walls from rippling, kinking, or narrowing during the manufacturing process, which would otherwise prevent the rollers from working effectively.

Far from limited by the current capacity, the machine that Hunter and Hyland invested in holds much for the future of the company. The MDH-60 CN1 model mandrel bender purchased from AMOB has a maximum bend angle of 190°, and can bend up to 60 mm OD, 3 mm wall mild steel, or 50.8 mm OD, 2 mm wall stainless, leaving clear room for growth in production if the consumer demands it.

This represents a fitting partnership between two companies whose businesses both share the principle of bespoke manufacturing to the customers’ exact needs.

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