A new evolution in cutting tools from TaeguTec

February 20th, 2020 1:18 pm | by admin

IMC Group president Jacob Harpaz 


On St Patrick’s Day, Tuesday 17th March, TaeguTec will be bringing its emerald branding to the ICC in Birmingham to mark the UK launch of the new SFeedTec brand of cutting tools. With speed and feed technology that marks a quantum leap in innovation, the launch of the new SFeedTec brand of drilling, milling, turning and part-groove lines is something not to be missed.

The International Convention Centre (ICC) at the heart of Birmingham will be the focal point for the event that will be hosted by IMC Group president, Jacob Harpaz. This UK launch is guaranteed to be an eventful day with Mr Harpaz highlighting the technical features and application benefits of no fewer than 30 new product lines that complete the all new SFeedTec line.

The next generation of cutting tools from the leading Korean cutting tool manufacturer have been strenuously developed by the experts at TaeguTec to create a new brand that is in-line with industry trends and demands for higher feed and higher speed cutting. With ever increasing productivity levels expected by industry, the new SFeedTec breaks the realms of convention with radical new tool designs, insert geometries and never before seen insert grades that will undoubtedly excite UK manufacturers. At the heart of the new SFeedTec brand is a focus on increasing the speed and feed rates of cutting tools to maximise productivity, reduce cycle-times and extend tool life.

At the 17th March event, Jacob Harpaz will be informing UK manufacturers about how their businesses can reduce costs and cycle times whilst enhancing component quality, machining consistency and stability through the new product introductions.

To book a place at the SFeedTec launch event and witness what the world of TaeguTec can bring to your business, register your interest by emailing sfeedtecseminar@taegutec.co.uk

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