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Haas Modular Mini-Mill– the next generation 40-taper compact machine

January 12th, 2018 11:24 am | by Rob

The new Modular Mini Mill from Haas Automation provides an economical solution for small parts machining for new start business, as a valuable addition for anyone needing a “second-op” machine, or to free up existing machine capacity.

With a capacity of 406 x 305 x 254mm (x y z) and a standard 10 tool ATC, Haas has packed 40-taper performance into a small footprint CNC machine of 2 m2 and features all you need to start cutting metal – all from £19,995.

Low-cost option modules can be added for extra flexibility. Starting at £995, they include a Coolant Module to prolong tool life, swarf clearance and achieve better finishes, while a Production Module features a faster spindle and increased rapids. The high-productivity Software Module adds Macros, Spindle Orientation, WiFi, Rigid Tapping, Visual Programming, Coordinate Rotation & Scaling. A 4-axis Module is also available to run a rotary table or indexer.

A standard 7.5-hp direct-drive spindle provides standard speeds to 4,000 rpm (with 6,000 rpm, and 10,000 rpm options). Cutting feedrates up to 6.35 m/min (12.7 m/min option module) and rapids of 7.6 m/min (15.2 m/min option module), yield fast cycle times.

Haas Automation invented the Mini Mill concept in 2000, and has since installed nearly 14,000 around the globe, with 950 in the UK. The Modular Mini Mill is designed and built by Haas Automation in California, USA.

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