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SIC Marking strengthens its position in the market

April 24th, 2018 1:07 pm | by Rob

SIC Marking’s headquarters in France have recently started to complete a building expansion creating 2,000 M² more production and office space to handle efficiently the market demand. The building expansion will provide an additional space to accommodate increasing production rate and new staff, including a new Customer Service department, larger production workshop and expanded assembly space. The expansion was due to be completed in March 2018 to grow further increase turnover by 10% every year, with operational excellence in mind.

Expansion in major markets: opening of 3 new subsidiaries
SIC Marking Group has acquired Global Network Marking in June 2017 in order to increase revenue in Italy to 3 € million by 2020 and strengthen its position on the European industrial marking market in the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas and mechanical sectors. Global Network Marking, a Bologna-based company has distributed SIC products in Italy since year 2000. Fabio di Pardo, President and founder of Global Network Marking, is now president of SIC Marking Italia. The launch of SIC Marking Italia will consolidate the company’s presence in the area and is part of the new strategy led by managing director Jean Manuel Pauchet and CEO Gérard Barraud.

The agreements for SIC Marking’s new subsidiaries in the UK and in Mexico were signed during the last quarter of 2017. The group now counts officially eight subsidiaries worldwide. These new locations reinforce SIC Marking’s desire to increase its international footprint and, through this expansion, enable its customers to work with our local subsidiary and to adapt to local conditions. The UK offices are located in Warwick and lead by Paul Sidwell, who has been working in the traceability and marking industry for many years. The Mexican office will be located in Mexico City and managed by Oscar Watty, who was leading the company Generatrix, one of the distributors in Mexico.

New UK subsidiary
In the UK, the new SIC subsidiary is now fully operational. The new team has located most of the customers of SIC Marking, but are also aware that there are more out there that they don’t know about. The offices in Warwick have a service bay and demonstration area. They hold most spares for existing markers and have new machines in stock. The SIC Marking UK team will shortly be able to service in the field with the introduction of a new field service technician. It is a goal of SIC Marking to give a first-rate customer service as it prides itself on service and support being right first time to give an excellent customer experience.

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