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50 years success in Europe for Mitutoyo

May 10th, 2018 1:00 pm | by Rob

For five decades, customers who seek a boost in their quality assurance have turned to Mitutoyo, a leading manufacturer of highly accurate and innovative measuring devices and outstanding custom solutions.

At the world’s leading trade fair for quality management CONTROL in Stuttgart in April, Mitutoyo displayed its comprehensive portfolio of top-quality measuring devices, ranging from high-precision calipers to high-end vision measuring systems, form and surface roughness testers as well as state-of-the-art CNC coordinate measuring machines and in-line applications.

Mitutoyo has come a long way from a newcomer on the European market to become one of the leading full-range suppliers for the quality assurance in all aspects. Under the banner “50 years of Mitutoyo in Europe,” the Japanese expert displayed its latest portfolio and innovations at CONTROL.

The latest introduction is the ground-breaking new multi-sensor device “MiScan Vision System” that combines the advantages of high-throughput non-contact inspection with high-precision tactile measurement. The “Apex” version utilises the tried-and-tested SP25M scanning probe, while for the “Hyper” model the customer can additionally choose the new revolutionary high-accuracy MPP-Nano scanning probe for measuring smallest details and features.

The new addition to the Mitutoyo fixtures portfolio is an advanced pallet receiver system that not only speeds up repeatable measuring. Combined with a barcode, it is also capable of automatically starting the measuring program upon scanning with a hand scanner. The pallet system comprises the tried and tested Mitutoyo eco-fix system, a base plate with two handles and three semi-spheres on the bottom. The latter help the measuring staff with quickly and precisely positioning the pallet on the receiver frame fixed to the measuring machine – in just one step.

A newly developed system is the “U-WAVE Mini” for the transfer of Digimatic calipers and micrometers measuring results to a PC via a U-WAVE R receiver. In this way, the data can directly be entered in software applications like MS Excel. The transmission unit’s dimensions are smaller than the instrument’s display module’s size. The “U-WAVE Mini” not only brings an end to cumbersome and accident-prone cable connections but also allows the connection of a multitude of measuring instruments with a single PC system.

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