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Carfulan Group announces technology event

October 24th, 2018 3:04 pm | by Rob

An extensive range of complementary manufacturing technologies, including one that is revolutionising the production of metal and ceramic parts, is to be brought together for the very first time by one of the UK’s most innovative companies.

The Carfulan Group is throwing open the doors of its Derbyshire headquarters this December for the ‘Manufacturing Performance Network,’ where its five businesses will give live demonstrations of leading production performance solutions. Among them will be an XJet machine, that utilises ground-breaking NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology capable of 3D-printing geometrically complex ceramic and metal components quickly, safely and with unmatched quality.

It will be the first time the machine has been on display in the UK, after XJ3D, the Carfulan Group’s newest company, became the first appointed worldwide partner of Israel-based XJet. Across OGP UK, SYS Systems, ZOLLER UK, VICIVISION UK and XJ3D, the Carfulan Group’s unique business model allows it to work with leading UK manufacturers in multi-sensor metrology, turned-part measurement, additive manufacturing and tool pre-setting and inspection. It empowers its customers to improve their business processes and achieve end-product excellence.
Anyone interested in attending the Manufacturing Performance Network can register to do so now, but organisers are urging people to move quickly as demand is expected to be high.

OGP UK’s multi-sensor metrology systems can gauge the characteristics of even the most complex parts in real time and without human error, leading to better quality, reduced scrap and allowing products to be brought into the marketplace faster.
ZOLLER UK is a specialist in intuitive tool pre-setting, inspection and management systems, helping businesses to ensure tools are of the right quality to create accurate and conforming parts prior to machining. This not only reduces down time but also increases tool life, saves on tool costs and eliminates waste.

As a UK Stratasys platinum partner, SYS Systems supplies, installs and supports the full Stratasys product range. With rapid prototyping capabilities backed up by intelligent software and a vast array of material and colour options, bespoke Stratasys systems are facilitating the on-site production of ever-more realistic models, tooling aids and end-use parts.

VICIVISION UK is a leading supplier of high-performance optical and non-contact measuring machines for cylindrical parts such as shafts, valves, screws and threaded inserts. Optical measurement works by collecting data through video camera technology, performing automated data collection through a combination of advanced hardware and intuitive software.

XJet’s patented NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology, represented by XJ3D, enables users to produce intricate metal or ceramic parts with the same ease and versatility afforded by inkjet printing. It does this via a unique liquid dispersion technique, where liquid suspensions containing solid nanoparticles of selected build and support materials are jetted onto a build tray to create incredibly dense and detailed models.
By eliminating the hazardous and hard-to-handle powders that are prevalent in other technologies, NPJ is introducing a growing number of metal and ceramic materials to meet the requirements of a multitude of precision applications.

The Carfulan Group’s Manufacturing Performance Network takes place from December 4th-6th at its Innovation Centre in Foston, near Derby.
Anyone wishing to secure their free place can do so now by visiting:  

Carfulan Group
Tel: 01283 585933