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New online video link allows users to service their own saws and storage systems

October 26th, 2018 4:08 pm | by Rob

Sawing machine and storage system manufacturer KASTO has for many years fitted its equipment with an optional, remote troubleshooting facility. Its staff can connect to a user’s equipment online and rectify faults or optimise processes, without the need for a time-consuming and expensive site visit by a maintenance engineer. Now the supplier has expanded the service with VisualAssistance, an innovative video solution that allows customers to participate in maintaining their own machines and systems.

By means of an interactive app on a tablet, smartphone or smart glasses, users can send live videos to KASTO‚Äôs service experts and receive visual assistance and information in real time, minimising downtime in the event of a fault or during routine maintenance. Customers can use the system to connect to service staff using audio as well as video streams, allowing users and KASTO’s engineers to share the same field of view in real time. It simplifies mutual understanding and helps to identify individual system components and faults quickly.

The app also enables KASTO’s experts to provide visual assistance and to superimpose annotations on the live video. The customer receives all necessary information directly on the display by means of augmented reality while carrying out maintenance or repair work on the saw or storage system. If using smart glasses, the person’s hands are free, making the job even easier. As KASTO service engineers have a virtual presence on the customer’s site to guide its staff during repair and maintenance, extensive user training programmes are not needed.

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