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123 Insight expands on success of 123mobile tablet app with new feature release

September 20th, 2019 3:19 pm | by admin

123 Insight Ltd has announced the release of an update to its 123mobile tablet app, allowing staff in stores or on the shop floor to perform common tasks using low-cost iOS or Android devices.

123mobile already provides features such as stock control, kitting works orders and shop floor data collection (SFDC) to log starting/stopping of tasks. The latest release now allows users to:

Receive Finished Works Order into Stock – finished goods can now be booked straight into stock once the last operation is booked via SFDC.

Guided Stock Issuing – instead of printing paper kitting lists and going back and forth around the storeroom, you can now sort an electronic picking list into a particular sequence, for example bin order which will help stores pick in a guided fashion, significantly reducing picking time.

Expiry Date enhancements – 123mobile shows expired batches in amber to warn the user it is an expired batch and needs addressing. When kitting works orders, 123mobile also encourages users to pick batches by expiry date rather than FIFO (First in, First Out) logic to ensure stock is being cycled effectively.

Customer services manager for 123 Insight Ltd,Emma Richards says: “123mobile has made a real difference to how our customers interact with 123insight. With tablets available for the fraction of the cost of a desktop PC, staff are no longer tethered to a keyboard in order to perform common tasks and stock accuracy has significantly improved with transactions being performed on the fly. Furthermore, 123mobile licences are available for as low as £20 per month, providing a very cost-effective way to add shop floor data collection and mobile stock control to your IT infrastructure.”

123mobile is available to all 123insight customers running version 10.04 and above.

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