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Spindle Revolution Ltd announces new state-of-the-Art UK repair facility

February 5th, 2020 11:40 am | by admin

January 2020 saw Spindle Revolution open its new state-of-the-art UK Spindle Repair Facility near Lydney, Gloucestershire. Building on a reputation for high quality repairs previously carried out in Germany, Spindle Revolution will offer customers a more efficient and cost competitive solution by moving all repairs to the UK. Utilising purpose designed and built testing machinery, the company is able to thoroughly diagnose and fully test run all spindles and motors at up to 180,000 rpm, regardless of taper type, lubrication method or encoder designation.

The test facility is one of the most modern in Europe, enabling a huge amount of data to be gathered on all parameters of the spindle. With this information, Spindle Revolution is able to ensure every spindle repair is carried out to the highest level, before being subjected to prolonged testing at maximum rpm, to ensure trouble free installation.

The documentation provided with every repair is simply peerless in its level of detail. The Dismounting Report shows a meticulous level of detail and includes photographs and measurements of all internal components, both mechanical and electrical, highlighting worn or damaged items. This report determines the root cause of the spindle failure, whether caused by machine malfunction, internal failure or collision.

However, this is only the beginning. The Final Test Report is as equally comprehensive, showing the measurements for axial and radial run out, tool clamping force and, during the maximum rpm testing process, vibration, bearing temperature and encoder feedback signals.  Nothing is left to chance, and the philosophy ‘Excellence as Standard’ has been adopted throughout the company.

Managing director Julian Kear explains: “Spindle Revolution have invested in ultra-modern equipment for the new test facility. We will provide the customer with a level of detail and expertise previously unseen in the world of spindle repairs. Our reports provide an open and honest appraisal of the condition of the spindle or motor as we receive them. Everything is measured and reported with nothing hidden, which allows our customers to make an informed decision on the level of repair they need.  Due to the amount of data we gather on each and every spindle, we are often able to offer an optimised repair solution. This may include uprated bearings for customers who run continuously at high rpm’s or stronger bearings for customers who require a lower rpm. with increased resilience to wear.  For added peace of mind, all repairs are supported by our standard 12-month warranty.”

Keen to ensure the maximum runtime possible, Spindle Revolution also offers a range of uprated rotary joints and coolant filtration solutions. Julian Kear continues, “Our high-pressure filtration systems have proven highly successful. Fitted in the high-pressure coolant circuit, the cartridge filters protect the rotary union and spindle from swarf particles that have bypassed the standard filtration system. Customers have reported huge savings on the time and cost of regularly replacing rotary unions and even in some extreme cases, spindle replacement caused by rotary union failure.”

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