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Hoffmann launches remote consultation service during COVID-19 outbreak

April 22nd, 2020 9:29 am | by admin

Hoffmann Group UK, Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools, workstations and personal protective equipment (PPE), has announced the launch of its remote consultation offering to support manufacturers keeping the UK running during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Using a suite of digital technologies, such as Microsoft Teams and Skype, manufacturers can enlist the support of a specialist consultant remotely. With the aid of these technologies, manufacturers can bring the consultant directly into their existing workspaces to make bespoke recommendations in areas such as material types and machining optimisation, driving greater levels of efficiency on the factory floor across various fields of manufacture, such as aerospace and automotive.

Tim Paddison, managing director of Hoffmann Group UK, says: “Like many organisations, we have had to assess how we can best maintain service levels to customers during this unprecedented situation. The manufacturing industry has a crucial role to play in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, assisting the emergency production of ventilators for the NHS being a prime example.

“Our industry is simultaneously among the hardest-hit by the outbreak and one being relied upon to provide the solutions needed to keep the UK both safe and working. With the challenges facing the sector, it has never been more crucial for us to come together and create new, innovative ways to share our expertise with each other and ensure our industry can overcome present disruption and not just survive, but thrive, in the months to come.”

Through this service, Hoffmann supports manufacturers in both refining their existing processes and creating new specifications and workflows that optimise both efficiency and productivity.

The remote consultation service is now open to all manufacturing businesses that are continuing to operate throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and provide additional support in areas such as pivoting to ventilator production. These businesses will be able to benefit from experienced consultants’ extensive knowledge base around how best to adapt existing machinery and equipment to produce components that will be used in medical equipment.

Feasibly, a substantial majority of manufacturers across the industry can effectively pivot to new areas such as ventilator production. However, barriers currently exist for many in the form of lack of access to the correct tools and technical expertise, as well as field-specific knowledge gaps around required material types and working methodologies.

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Hoffmann Group UK is the fully owned UK subsidiary of the Hoffmann Group. As Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools, the Hoffmann Group combines commercial expertise with both manufacturing and service competence. That combination provides the company’s 135,000+ customers with certainty of supply, assured quality and enhanced productivity in meeting their needs for tooling, workstations and storage and personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to machining, clamping, measuring, grinding and cutting tools, Hoffmann’s portfolio also comprises hand tools, occupational safety equipment, workstations and storage, and workshop articles.

Customers include large stock market listed corporations, as well as small and medium-sized companies in more than 50 countries. The Hoffmann Group offers 85,000 quality tools from the top global manufacturers, including its own in-house GARANT premium brand. With comprehensive customer service in all regions and offering a TÜV-certified delivery quality rating of over 99 percent, the Munich-based tooling specialist is a reliable and efficient partner to its customers. With around 3,700 employees, the Hoffmann Group achieved a turnover of over 1.4 billion euros in 2018.

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