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Expansion for growth at Penta Precision

November 4th, 2021 10:50 am | by admin

Precision machining company Penta Precision announces site move after period of exceptional growth

The Covid-19 pandemic sent some industries into freefall, but for machining company Penta Precision, near Portsmouth, UK, the 2020-21 period has seen exceptional growth. With order books bursting and operations having been temporarily housed across two separate buildings, the move to new premises will help Penta to increase capability, capacity and streamline operations.

Unit 9 at Murrills Estate in Fareham has been completely refitted ready for Penta’s arrival, with the workshop space more than doubling in size. This significant investment has been carefully planned to ensure optimum efficiencies and create a pleasant working environment for the team. In addition, two new machines have been added to Penta’s plant list, including one 5-axis machine, allowing the company to take on even more complex machining work.

It’s not just the workshop space and plant list that is growing: the company is currently taking on several new employees across production, sales and marketing. Finding the right people is always a challenge and Penta welcomes applications from experienced CNC machinists who can demonstrate its core values.

Mark Walker, managing director, explains: “As well as precision machining and design, Penta is passionate about developing a great team who communicate well, take care and provide a consistent service. This is what truly sets us apart for both our customers and our employees.

He continues: “Having long outgrown our main site, we temporarily took on additional space a few hundred metres away in Portsmouth Enterprise Centre. It’s not a huge distance, but collaboration is easiest with everyone under one roof. We’re excited to finally be in and to have the new machines up and running. With our growing team and space for future expansion, we’re even more excited about the future. This move truly represents the next step in our ambition to be ‘the engineering company where everyone wants to work and who everyone wants to buy from’.

Established in 1998, Penta Precision manufactures precision components for aerospace, defence and healthcare industries. With ISO 9001 accreditation, Penta specialises in the precision machining of a variety of different grades of materials, including aluminium, engineering plastics, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and tool steels. The company is committed to delivering an exemplary service to its customers through the implementation of its ‘3Cs’: we communicate well, we take care at each stage and our service is consistent.

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