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Discovering the TTS SERIES

November 4th, 2021 11:23 am | by admin

CMZ has widened its range of multi-turret machines by introducing a new dual spindle CNC lathe, TTS-38-38-T1Y-T2Y, especially designed for bar work, bar turning and high production. The TTS and TTL Series make up the multi-turret family of machines for bar work. This is the smallest lathe in the whole product range and its precision and reliability guarantee the quality of this machine, used in industries such as oil and gas, medical and general machining, with particular focus on bar turning.

The main technical characteristics include:

  • No belts
  • Rapid velocity 30 m/min
  • Motorised turret at 12,000 pm and cooled with oil
  • Available with one or two turrets
  • Its headstocks reduce acceleration time by half

The sub-spindle moves both vertically and horizontally thanks to the movement of the X3 and Y3. Companies dedicated to bar turning can optimise their cycle times and machining processes thanks to this multifunctional lathe. The dual spindle CNC lathe is the latest showpiece from CMZ to complete its range of multi-turret lathes. Bar work and lathe operations for making small parts require machines with a high degree of precision. The TTS has been designed under this key principle and is 100 percent geared towards satisfying the needs of those industries.

Optimising machining processes is a reality thanks to the new TTS dual spindle CNC lathe: 


Digital Tech event  from CMZ

Take part in the next technical event on the 24th November at 10am on the new range of CMZ lathes and discover how its CNC machines are revolutionising multi-turret machining. It will be the official presentation of the new TTS Series and visitors who connect live to the event will receive at the end of it a 15 percent discount voucher for CMZ Store.

Any visitor will be an active part of the event and will be informed, in depth, of all the solutions provided by the new TTS Series. They will preview exclusive content on its technical characteristics and functionalities and hear live from customers who already work with TTL Series lathes as they give their testimonial. Any questions or queries can be addressed via the live chat option.

This digital event is especially aimed at people or companies dedicated to bar turning and high production. In order to offer the most personalised attention possible, places are limited. Sign up now and don’t miss it.

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