123 Insight announces new series of online INFO Exchange events

July 17th, 2020 11:36 am | by admin

123 Insight Limited has scheduled a further series of online 123insight INFO Exchange events in response to increased interest in manufacturers to implement ERP/MRP.

The next events are scheduled for 22nd July, 12th August, 2nd September and 23rd September, each taking place on a Wednesday at 10.30am.

The online 123insight INFO Exchange is a manufacturing companies’ online interaction from which attendees will gain a better understanding of what 123insight can offer and to get any questions answered. This group online session is scheduled for 90 minutes, during which software is demonstrated, and 123 Insight’s unique business model is explained, with a Q&A session at the end.

Managing director Simon Badger says: “The sessions that we have run so far have proven extremely popular, with the last two being oversubscribed as we limit the number of attendees to keep events manageable. Although manufacturing has been hit hard by COVID-19 it’s clear that companies are focusing, perhaps harder than before, on how they can make productivity gains and further efficiencies within their business.

“Since 2000 we’ve developed and distributed our award-winning MRP/ERP system. It’s offered completely without risk. Attend an Evaluation Workshop, then attend the six-day ‘No Obligation’ training on the understanding that if the system does not suit your business you walk away with nothing to pay. After that it’s a low monthly subscription, no minimum contract and you can increase/decrease licences every month.”

Attendance is free and interested users can register at 123insight.com

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123 Insight publishes book on how to implement a manufacturing system

October 14th, 2019 10:57 am | by admin

Free copies available at the company’s Evaluation Workshops

123 Insight Limited has published a book on how to implement a manufacturing system, detailing the best practices and pitfalls often encountered when implementing MRP/ERP software.

The book is designed to provide a template based on a tried and tested formula that has seen hundreds of companies successfully implement a manufacturing system. It focuses on many of the reasons why MRP/ERP implementations traditionally fail and explains how to plan the entire process, from initial vendor selection through to breaking down the implementation into manageable steps, data migration, setting staff expectations and managing the go-live process.

The book’s author, Martin Bailey says: “I decided to write the book after seeing a clear pattern emerging from writing over 60 case studies for 123 Insight. Many of the companies had made the same mistakes trying to implement their previous systems, such as not involving the right staff internally or performing a flawed selection process. Although there are plenty of anecdotes from 123insight users the book was written to allow the process to be applied to any manufacturing system, not just our own.”

Simon Badger, MD (designate) added; “Martin has combined his experience from writing several books and his work on many case studies. He has managed to distil the implementation process down into an easy to understand read, regardless of whether the reader has any prior MRP experience. Our ethos has always been to help our customers to be self-sufficient, while providing a helping hand when they need it. The book, which they can pick up at one of or Evaluation Workshops for free, will help them to map out the well-trodden path that many manufacturing companies have already successfully taken in implementing MRP.”

The book is available free of charge to attendees of 123 Insight’s Evaluation Workshops, held across the UK each month. It will also be available from Amazon and all major book retailers from 13th November, priced £6.99.

123insight was founded in 2000 as a response to the fundamental flaws inherent in the traditional MRP selection and implementation process. They have been either nominated or have won dozens of awards, often due to the speed of implementation and the immediate return on investment.

About the Author:
Martin Bailey has been the marketing manager for 123 Insight since 2002 and has written dozens of case studies on successful MRP implementations. This is his ninth book, and he regularly writes for the manufacturing trade press.

123 Insight Ltd
Tel: 01489 860851
Email: info@123insight.com