New machine tools make working at home a lot easier

July 23rd, 2020 1:52 pm | by admin

Ajax Machine Tools, based in Lymington, is always looking for new solutions to bring to the UK market and the latest offering is a a new range of CNC machines called the Atom and Proton.

The Atom has a very small footprint. Ajax’s new Mini CNC lathe has a Siemens 808D control a 100 mm 3 jaw chuck an automatic 4 way tool post that takes 10 mm tooling and a tail stock with a 3 MT spindle. The best part is it is on wheels and will plug into a 13 amp socket domestic socket and still take a decent cut.

The Proton, which is also very small, is the Mini milling version of the Atom. It again has the Siemens 808D control driving 3 axes. It will mill, drill and tap with ease and also comes on wheels and plugs into a 13 amp socket.

Both these machines would be at home in your home, garage, workshop, machine shop or classroom. With online training available and a PC version of the control for free, it’s a great opportunity to work from home.

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