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Hanwha sliding heads are breathing life into Ventilator Challenge

May 4th, 2020 9:56 am | by admin

With the sudden ramp-up of the ‘VentilatorChallengeUK’ project to battle the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Dugard Machine Tools has witnessed an unprecedented surge in enquiries and sales with its Hanwha range of sliding head turning centres.

As manufacturers up and down the country switch production output to machining small turned components for the Ventilator Challenge UK, the attributes of the Hanwha range is genuinely coming to the fore. The Hanwha XE Series is the latest generation in a well-established and successful line of rigid, productive, robust and extremely flexible turning centres. The Hanwha XE35 is particularly enjoying success during this challenging period.

The compact heavy-duty machine is the largest in the XE Series, with the facility to turn bars up to 35 mm diameter within its compact 2.3 by 1.2 by 1.7 m footprint. The rigid 2,750 kg machine is the perfect platform for machining hard materials and undertaking high-volume material removal. This is demonstrated by the vibration dampening heavy cast construction and the strong and rigid tool post that all combine to create a platform for unsurpassed surface finishes and enhanced tool life.

The remarkably capable and flexible Hanwha XE35 has a powerful 2.2/5 kW main spindle motor and a 1.5/2.2 kW sub-spindle motor, both achieving a maximum spindle speed of 6,500 rpm. The high-torque spindle motors are matched by the powerful and intuitive Hanwha software, the FANUC-0i CNC Control and the gear type modular live tooling configuration.

The tooling configuration combines power, rigidity and flexibility with 18 tooling positions that provide simultaneous front and rear spindle machining through a platen of five fixed tools and four driven tools in the X1-axis with another four driven tools on the Z2-axis plane, one on the Z1-axis that is accompanied by an additional four tool stations for boring, drilling and the machining of other internal features. All live tooling positions offer a high spindle speed of 6,000 rpm with a 1 kW spindle motor. The modular gear type live tooling configuration is an innovative design that generates exceptional torque levels for heavy drilling and milling cycles.

The axes stroke of the impressive Hanwha XE35 is particularly spacious with 210 mm in the Z1-axis, 62 mm in the X1-axis, 340 mm in the Y1-axis, 205 mm in Z2 and 312 mm in X2.

The impressive Hanwha XE35 is available with the H, J, N and NE configurations to open a world of opportunities to end-users. The H and N variants have been designated as guide-bush and non-guide bush options to provide differing bar turning length, capacity and setup configurations within the work area for the end-user. In addition, the Hanwha XE35 is also offered with the J and NE variants. Unlike the H and N variants, these models offer four static tool positions in the Z2 axis as opposed to two driven and two static positions on the H and N models.

For further details on how this impressive line of productive and robust machines can transform your production output, contact:

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Dugard becomes new UK distributor for IBARMIA

February 5th, 2020 11:34 am | by admin

As part of its relentless and exciting growth strategy, Dugard has now become the sole UK and Ireland agent for the high-quality range of IBARMIA 5-axis moving column machining centres. The new partnership is the result of increased UK interest in the 5-axis moving column machining centres manufactured by the renowned Spanish brand.

IBARMIA has enjoyed significant growth across Europe, North America and Asia, witnessing a huge upswing in interest from UK manufacturers at numerous international machine tool exhibitions. With IBARMIA acknowledging the strong interest from UK engineers enquiring about the wide range of machine tool solutions and technology, local representation and technical support; the Basque Country manufacturer set about finding the best established, most reputable and well recognised brand in the UK, confidently turning its attention to the Brighton machine tool experts.

The level of interest from UK manufacturers led IBARMIA to analyse the possible distribution channels with the aim of selecting a company with a strong network of coverage and service support to ensure all companies receive first class products with first class service.

IBARMIA’s area sales manager for the UK, Ignacio Mera says: “IBARMIA is now a leading world reference in moving column machining centres and universal machining centres. Through working together with Dugard, engineers in the UK, we will now have the opportunity to invest in the highest level of technology with the best local service support. We are excited to bring the success of our solutions to the UK and we are confident Dugard is the perfect partner for it.”

Eric Dugard, managing director at Dugard Machine Tools, enthuses: “We are delighted to be appointed as the exclusive dealers for IBARMIA. In recent years, we have been aware of just how successful the IBARMIA brand of machines have become in the European, North American and Asian machine tool markets. With a full line up of 3, 4 and 5-axis travelling column machines from 1.5 m to 12 m with complete turning capabilities, the flexibility, capability and opportunities for UK manufacturers are evident. Manufactured in the Basque region of Spain, an area renowned for its heavy-duty machine tool building and innovation, the IBARMIA range will certainly give Dugard and its customers, machine tool capabilities and flexibility far beyond that of anything else seen in the UK.

“Adding to the travelling column machines, IBARMIA has now introduced its exciting T-Series of fully universal 5-axis machines. The ingenious T-Series offers a swing diameter from 1.2 m up to 3.6 m with a 2.15 m height capacity. Taking this size capacity to industry will open new doors and opportunities for Dugard and its customer base. The T-Series also offers a ‘turning option’ and we are very excited about introducing this exciting brand to the marketplace and discussing the countless range of solutions available,” concludes Eric Dugard.

C Dugard Ltd
Tel: 01273 732286