Vision Engineering wins Queen’s Award

April 21st, 2020 12:16 pm | by admin

Vision Engineering, a 61 year old British leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality visual inspection and measurement technologies, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020 in the Innovation category, for its high tech ergonomic optical inspection microscope Lynx EVO.

 The Queens Award for Innovation recognises exceptional achievement by UK businesses and is acknowledged as the highest UK award for companies. It is awarded to products or services that have been available on the market and can demonstrate outstanding innovation and commercial success for at least two years.

Lynx EVO is a high productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope providing market leading ergonomic performance for intricate inspection and manipulation tasks. It combines ergonomic & optical excellence with digital real time information transfer capabilities. Developed using Vision Engineering’s globally patented ‘expanded pupil’ technology, it was developed to address the issue of operator efficiency.

Expanded pupil technology, based on patented optical microarray surfaces maximises possible head/body movement, hand to eye coordination, use of peripheral sensory information and allows operators to sit further away from the eye-piece, leading to improved user posture, reduced fatigue and improved accuracy and efficiency.

Lynx EVO was also developed to enhance multi-site design and manufacturing by improving the digital sharing of detailed real time information across complex manufacturing and distribution supply chains.

Lynx EVO has been widely adopted around the world for critical manufacturing operations, by large medtech, medical device, telecomms, aerospace, automotive and other manufacturers and their extended subcontract supply chains. 95 percent of Vision Engineering’s output is exported.

Managing director Mark Curtis comments: “We are delighted to be awarded the highest accolade that UK business can receive for our Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscope. It reinforces our belief that exploiting state of the art microarray technologies and addressing the digital expectations of our customers offer significant benefits of throughput, reduced wastage and workplace efficiency across a range of industries globally through improved operator comfort, accuracy productivity and communication of information across multiple locations.

“The development of Lynx EVO and other related products has enabled us to exploit our unique expertise in the complex science of multi-faceted surfaces, and enabled Vision Engineering to combine multiple leading-edge disciplines, to good commercial effect.”

Vision Engineering Ltd is a global leading-edge designer and manufacturer of patented ergonomic stereo optical and digital instruments, used for inspection, manipulation measurement and analysis of manufactured parts, by most of the world’s leading manufacturers and their extended supply chains.

Founded in 1958 and wholly British owned, Vision Engineering’s Global HQ, design and manufacturing facilities are based in state-of-the-art modern premises in Woking, Surrey, UK, with extensive manufacturing facilities in the UK and US. Regional sales and tech support offices are located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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Free ZEISS Webinar: Unlock the power of your quality data Wednesday 12th September, 09:30 – 10:00

August 20th, 2018 3:54 pm | by Rob

On the road to Industry 4.0, measurement and inspection technology is increasingly being used as a control tool in manufacturing. However, as a part of this new role, the technology needs to capture quality data quickly and flexibly at different sites: in the measuring room, at-line and in-line. The technology also needs to merge and evaluate the data, making it available to persons and machines for control input. That’s where the ZEISS Quality Network comes in.

ZEISS quality data management software provides dynamic graphic reports, with the ability to combine quality data from multiple measuring systems. With the new digital solutions from ZEISS, users can also remotely monitor the condition of machines via their smartphone, reducing any potential downtime thanks to the predictive maintenance features.

For anyone who wants to learn more, ZEISS will be holding a free webinar “Unlock the power of your quality data”, on Wednesday 12th September between 09:30 – 10:00. Online registration is now open at

The company will be answering the following questions during the session:

• How can you collect your quality data effectively?
• How can you display your real-time data in a user-friendly way?
• How can you access your data anytime, anywhere?
• How can you use this data to increase your productivity?

Highlights of the webinar include an overview of the ZEISS quality data management software and how this provides you with dynamic graphic reports with the ability to combine quality data from multiple measuring systems. What’s more, understand how you can use ZEISS Digital Solutions to remotely monitor the condition of your machines to reduce any potential downtime.

Join us for this free webinar if you’re looking to better understand the power of your quality data and how it can drive your business decisions in the future.

Places for the webinar can be booked online at

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Mantis inspection equipment ensures quality for handmade shoe manufacturer

January 11th, 2018 3:31 pm | by Rob

The Cheaney Shoe brand represents the finest British craftsmanship, producing premium footwear handcrafted from start to finish in the original 1886 Northampton factory. From cutting the leather to stitching and final polishing, the entire process is conducted using the same methods developed by Cheaney from the very beginning. Cheaney has a highly skilled and experienced workforce and retains a strong reputation as one of the top English shoemakers chosen by discerning buyers across the world.

The first stage of the manufacturing process of the shoes is the cutting out, ‘clicking’, of the quality leather. Cheaney works with the best tanneries in Europe to secure the finest leather for its shoes, but as a natural material even the finest leather can have wire and vein marks that need to be picked up early in the manufacturing process to avoid having rejects later in the process.

In the past this was performed with the human eye, but they have now invested in equipment to enhance the human eye inspection with a Mantis Compact microscope to ensure that they can pick up these faults as soon as the leather has been cut out. Lesley Tartaglia, clicking room examiner, inspects thousands of sections per week to ensure that they are of the highest quality as they continue the 8-week process and 200 hand or hand tooled operations involved in making a pair of Cheaney shoes.

The Mantis Compact is bench mounted and allows Lesley Tartaglia to inspect the individual pieces of leather with a comfortable viewing position. The ergonomic design allows the user to wear glasses and have freedom of head movement, reduced eye fatigue, a long working distance and most importantly allows better hand to eye coordination which is crucial when inspecting large volumes of sections each week.

Cheaney Shoes purchased the Mantis Compact from Optimax Imaging Inspection and Measurement and found it invaluable to be able to bring samples of the leather to its showroom in the Midlands. This allowed them to try a number of different solutions to see which would work best for the application. Optimax always takes the time to understand each customers application so it can offer the best solutions available to them and UKAS accreditation ensures the highest possible quality and accuracy.

Alex Bateman, factory manager at Cheaney Shoes, concludes: ‘’We have already seen a return on our investment. We were hoping that the Mantis Compact would pay for itself by reducing the number of rejects within a year when we first purchased the equipment, but we are currently seeing a vast improvement of 25 percent of rejects that are now being picked up at this crucial first stage. It is now a key piece of kit in the clicking room to ensure that we continue to manufacture shoes to the highest quality standards that people expect when they purchase a Cheaney shoe.’’

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