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A heroic stride forward for capability as Valiant enters the steel processing arena

July 18th, 2019 3:48 pm | by admin

In response to the increasing demand for greater control and flexibility in the steel fabrication process, leading machining manufacturer, Ficep has further pushed the boundaries of possibility in CNC drilling lines.

The new Valiant offers over double the number of tool changer positions than its popular predecessor, the Endeavour, while a 300 mm extended auxiliary axis increases the window of operation for scribing, milling and sequential drilling. This significantly increases production gains, because there is less movement of the beam or section when processing.

Developed by a specialist team of 20 technologists, the launch of Valiant represents the increasing capability of Ficep to meet the demand for improved optimisation in the steel fabrication process. This is a sign that the industry continues to look forward despite political uncertainties.

The addition of 14 new tool changer positions on each of the machine’s three spindles takes the total tool availability to 42 tools, while the spindles themselves have been redesigned to be all the same, allowing for a reduction in inventory for spare part replacement. These features offer fabricators productivity gains and simplified maintenance.

Mark Jones, MD of Ficep UK says: “We’re a company known for our commitment to R&D, devoting 5 percent of our annual profits to developing steel fabrication machines that work effectively for the modern fabricator and Valiant is a perfect example of what this research can achieve.

“It takes elements of our leading Endeavour and adds practical, useful improvements that will benefit fabricators in terms of machining potential, productivity and cost efficiencies. We believe that this heralds a new era in drilling equipment for the steel fabrication industry.”

Indeed, the additional features on Valiant are numerous and extensive, right down to a new, more robust gripper carriage and a shorter gripper which reduces the required space in fabricator workshops.

Mark Jones adds: “Valiant is, in all respects, is a drilling machine for forward looking fabricators preparing for smart factories, automation and Industry 4.0.”

Valiant will replace Ficep’s leading Endeavour as the primary drilling machine available from Ficep. R&D on Valiant took place at  Ficep’s European headquarters in Italy. Valiant works with Ficep’s partner software Steel Projects and Tekla and is fully BIM ready. Endeavour machine had 6 tooling options, the launch of Valiant sees this increase to 14.

Ficep UK is based in Wakefield and works with fabricators across the UK and Norway.

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