A positive experience

February 27th, 2019 9:16 am | by admin

Mills CNC showcased its latest DVF 5000 high-performance simultaneous 5-axis machining centre at the show


Mills CNC has reported that its debut at Southern Manufacturing 2019 was extremely positive, with visitors impressed by the Doosan 5-axis machine tool and Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robot showcased at the event. This was the first time in the company’s history that Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, exhibited at the event.

With business over the three days being described as ‘brisk’, Mills has announced that its attendance at Southern Manufacturing 2019 was successful with a significant number of machine tool and cobot leads and enquiries being generated. These are now being actively followed up by the company.

5-axis machining
Mills CNC used the event to showcase its latest high-performance simultaneous 5-axis machining centre to show attendees.

The DVF 5000, first launched by Mills at MACH 2018 has, since then, proved highly-successful amongst aerospace and medical component manufacturers, to name but a few. The machine delivers high precision, speed, flexibility and process reliability. It is equipped with a 17 kW/12,000 rpm direct-drive spindle (a 22 kW/18,000 rpm option is available), a generous-sized servo-driven tool changer (up to 120 tools) and the latest control technology from FANUC, Heidenhain or Siemens.

Other standard features include linear guides, a sophisticated thermal compensation system that mitigates against the effects of thermal drift and ultra-fast rapid rates (40 m/min) on the machines’ X-, Y- and Z-axes. The machines’ productivity can be further increased via an optional (8-pallet) automatic workpiece changer.

Tony Dale, Mills CNC’s technical director says: “The DVF 5000 is the latest addition to Doosan’s impressive 5-axis machine tool portfolio. Precision, speed, process reliability and flexibility accurately sum up the credentials of the new machine and explain why the machine was such a draw onto our stand.”

Collaborative robots
Southern Manufacturing 2019 was also an ideal venue for Mills to showcase a Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robot (cobot) to visitors.

At the end of last year Mills CNC signed an agreement with Doosan Robotics, part of the Doosan Group, to supply its range of advanced collaborative robot systems and solutions to UK and Irish manufacturers.

To help drive and manage its collaborative and industrial robot and automation business, Mills has created a new division, called Mills CNC Automation.

Tony Dale says: “There are four different collaborative robots in the Doosan Robotics’ range and at Southern Manufacturing 2019 we showcased the M0609 model, which has a 6 Kg payload capacity and a 0.9 metre radius reach, performing different pick and place tasks.

“Doosan Robotics’ cobots are versatile, easy to install and use, incredibly safe and competitively-priced. They are designed to perform a wide range of tasks and operations from CNC machine tool tending through to inspection and testing – and from assembly to packaging and palletising.”

The M0609 is the smallest cobot in the Doosan Robotics’ range. Models are available with a 15 kg payload capacity, others with a 1.7 metre radius reach.

All cobots are incredibly safe and feature 6-axis articulated arms with highly-sensitive torque sensors that can detect changes in force and/or minimal impact which causes them to stop.

As well as different capacity arms, all cobots are supplied with a state-of-the-art controller, a sophisticated Teaching Pendant and a number of options that include a dress pack, a water jacket and a mobile base unit.

Tony Dale concludes: “Visitor traffic to the Mills stand was steady over the three days. This was the first time we attended Southern Manufacturing Show and it will not be the last.”

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Mills CNC confirms attendance at Seco’s Inspiration through Innovation

July 25th, 2018 3:44 pm | by Rob

Left: Mills CNC’s demonstration at Inspiration through Innovation involves a new Doosan NHP 5000 high-performance horizontal machining centre
Right: The demonstration focuses on the machining of a steering knuckle, a critical high-precision automotive component that connects the suspension and steering elements of a car

Mills CNC, has announced that it will be attending Seco’s Inspiration through Innovation 2018 which takes place on the 9th and 10th October at Seco’s Technology Centre facility in Alcester.

Mills is one of over 40 Technical Partners attending Inspiration through Innovation 2018 and is a principal player in one of the innovative and challenging machining demonstrations taking place over the two days.

This demonstration, one of 17 taking place in total, involves a new Doosan NHP 5000 high-performance horizontal machining centre.

Mills CNC’s technical manager, Tony Dale explains: “Having talked to Seco about the focus and direction of this year’s event and its emphasis on machining excellence, we decided that Inspiration through Innovation 2018 would be a great venue to demonstrate the power, speed and flexibility of the new NHP 5000 machine”.

The twin-pallet NHP 5000 is a productivity powerhouse of a machine. In addition to its integrated automatic pallet change system, the NHP 5000 is equipped with a powerful built-in spindle and ultra-fast automatic tool changer. The machine also boasts 60m/min rapids and 1G acceleration/deceleration an all axes.

Tony Dale continues: “We are working with a number of Technical Partners, i.e. CAD/CAM, workholding, metalworking fluid, cutting tool, metrology suppliers etc., to develop a machining demonstration that I’m confident will capture the imagination of visitors and that will highlight specific strengths and the unrivalled productivity potential of the NHP 5000”.

The demonstration focuses on the machining of a steering knuckle, a critical high-precision automotive component that connects the suspension and steering elements of a car, involving engineers from Autodesk, Brown & Holmes, Houghton, Renishaw, Seco Tools and Mills CNC working collaboratively to design and prove out the demonstration.

Tony Dale concludes: “The demonstration is a true collaborative venture involving a number of Technical Partners”.

Inspiration through Innovation 2018 is free-of-charge to attend and component manufacturers interested in finding out more, including how to register their attendance, can do so by visiting www.secotools.com/iti

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Simply outstanding

January 3rd, 2018 11:26 am | by Rob

New machine tool introductions and a tremendously well-attended Open House, combined with a significant increase in demand for large-capacity Doosan machines and ‘best-in-class’ turnkey solutions, help explain Mills CNC’s strong sales performance in 2017

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has reported impressive sales results for 2017.

As reported 12 months ago, the company ended 2016 on a real high, bolstered by ‘better than expected’ sales performance in quarters 3 and 4 and, according to managing director, Kevin Gilbert, “we haven’t looked back since then and have maintained this momentum throughout 2017.”

Key to understanding Mills’ sales performance over the last 12 months is the enduring popularity of the company’s Doosan Lynx and Puma lathe and DNM vertical machining centre ranges amongst component manufacturers.

Kevin Gilbert explains:

“Our Lynx and Puma lathes, and our DNM 3-axis vertical machining centres have a wide appeal, and our recent decision to introduce models equipped with the latest Siemens controls has had a significant and positive impact on sales.”

Introducing new Doosan machine tools into the market is custom and practice for Mills, and 2017 was no exception.

In addition to launching lathes and machining centres equipped with the Siemens 828D TFT touchscreen control and onboard ShopTurn and ShopMill software, Mills also introduced a number of other new models in 2017. These included:

The 10” chuck Puma 2600SY Mk II Y-axis sub-spindle lathe equipped with a built-in spindle and improved thermal displacement control for improved accuracies and part quality;

The 12” chuck GT3100 series that includes the GT3100M model equipped with driven tooling capability

The TW2600 range of twin spindle chucking lathes that includes the TW2600-GL model equipped with a gantry loader for improved productivity.

The heavy-duty box guideway V8300 range of vertical turning lathes which delivers exceptional accuracies when machining hard and difficult-to-machine materials.

Kevin Gilbert adds:

“The new Doosan machines we have launched this year have taken the market by storm and have already made a telling contribution to our sales performance.”

In addition to new machines making an impact, Mills has reported a noticeable resurgence in sales of its large-capacity machines.

An increase in demand for large-capacity Doosan horizontal boring machines, vertical turning lathes and horizontal machining centres from component manufacturers operating in the energy, oil & gas and rail sectors helped generate significant sales revenue over the 12-month period.

“Large machines are often installed as part of a more extensive and involved turnkey project – and during 2017 we were approached by an increasing number of manufacturers to help design, develop and implement complex turnkey solutions.”

One of the highlights of 2017 was the company’s ‘Strokes of Genius…LIVE’ two-day Open House held at Mills’ Technology Campus facility in Leamington in October.

The event provided the perfect venue for Mills to launch a number of new machines to UK and Irish audiences and to showcase, in conjunction with Hydrafeed, an advanced robot solution – the ROBOJOB (Mill-Assist) automated workpiece load/unload system. Such was the interest shown by visitors in this automation solution that Mills has decided to showcase the ROBOJOB system integrated with a Doosan DNM vertical machining centre at its stand at MACH 2018.

Kevin Gilbert comments:

“Our ‘Strokes of Genius…LIVE’ Open House surpassed all expectations and visitor numbers (over 200) were much higher than anticipated.

“As well as generating significant machine tool sales during the two-day event, the number of serious and genuine sales leads and enquiries taken at the Open House was also particularly encouraging, especially as a high percentage of these came from new customers, from OEMS through to precision subcontractors, visiting the Campus for the very first time.”

Other notable highlights during 2017 included a marked increase in sales achieved by the CNC Training Academy (Mills’ independently operated training arm) and a significant increase in the number of Mills customers taking out Service Contracts on their Doosan machines.

2017 was also the year when Mills joined the AMRC as a Tier 1 member and delivered and installed two Doosan machines (a TT1800SY twin-spindle, twin turret turning centre and a DNM 5700 vertical machining centre) at the AMRC’s world-class Advanced Manufacturing Centre, as part of the arrangement.

The year ahead
To maintain Mills’ momentum in 2018 the company has a number of initiatives and plans in place. These include attending the 2018 MACH Show in April where the company will be showcasing 16 Doosan machines from its stand (H18 520), and the launch of a series of new and innovative sector-based marketing campaigns.

Kevin Gilbert concludes: “We’ve had a great 2017 and I’m confident that things can and will only get better.

“We aim to build on the successes of 2017 and, amongst many initiatives, are making significant investment in our people, processes and systems to further improve our customer service. These initiatives, in addition to launching a number of new Doosan machine tools into the market, will help us maintain our position as the machine tool supplier of choice for component manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.”

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