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Mills CNC confirms attendance at Seco’s Inspiration through Innovation

July 25th, 2018 3:44 pm | by Rob

Left: Mills CNC’s demonstration at Inspiration through Innovation involves a new Doosan NHP 5000 high-performance horizontal machining centre
Right: The demonstration focuses on the machining of a steering knuckle, a critical high-precision automotive component that connects the suspension and steering elements of a car

Mills CNC, has announced that it will be attending Seco’s Inspiration through Innovation 2018 which takes place on the 9th and 10th October at Seco’s Technology Centre facility in Alcester.

Mills is one of over 40 Technical Partners attending Inspiration through Innovation 2018 and is a principal player in one of the innovative and challenging machining demonstrations taking place over the two days.

This demonstration, one of 17 taking place in total, involves a new Doosan NHP 5000 high-performance horizontal machining centre.

Mills CNC’s technical manager, Tony Dale explains: “Having talked to Seco about the focus and direction of this year’s event and its emphasis on machining excellence, we decided that Inspiration through Innovation 2018 would be a great venue to demonstrate the power, speed and flexibility of the new NHP 5000 machine”.

The twin-pallet NHP 5000 is a productivity powerhouse of a machine. In addition to its integrated automatic pallet change system, the NHP 5000 is equipped with a powerful built-in spindle and ultra-fast automatic tool changer. The machine also boasts 60m/min rapids and 1G acceleration/deceleration an all axes.

Tony Dale continues: “We are working with a number of Technical Partners, i.e. CAD/CAM, workholding, metalworking fluid, cutting tool, metrology suppliers etc., to develop a machining demonstration that I’m confident will capture the imagination of visitors and that will highlight specific strengths and the unrivalled productivity potential of the NHP 5000”.

The demonstration focuses on the machining of a steering knuckle, a critical high-precision automotive component that connects the suspension and steering elements of a car, involving engineers from Autodesk, Brown & Holmes, Houghton, Renishaw, Seco Tools and Mills CNC working collaboratively to design and prove out the demonstration.

Tony Dale concludes: “The demonstration is a true collaborative venture involving a number of Technical Partners”.

Inspiration through Innovation 2018 is free-of-charge to attend and component manufacturers interested in finding out more, including how to register their attendance, can do so by visiting

Mills CNC Ltd
Tel: 01926 736736


Different focus – Different strategy – Different structure

July 13th, 2018 3:16 pm | by Rob

Mike Fleming, Seco Tools UK’s sales & marketing manager


Seco Tools’ Inspiration through Innovation 2018 – a whole new ball game

Seco Tools UK’s annual and ever popular ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ advanced manufacturing best-practice event will take place this year at the company’s Technology Centre in Alcester, on the 9th and 10th of October.

‘Inspiration through Innovation’ is firmly established as the ‘go-to’ event for manufacturers looking to find out more about the latest innovative technology solutions in the market.

This year’s event is no different and, with over 40 exhibitors, a full and varied seminar programme, a new series of best-practice tutorials and 18 innovative and challenging machining demonstrations planned, Inspiration through Innovation 2018 has even more reasons to visit than in previous years.

Machining demonstrations
This year the event has changed focus, with much more emphasis being given to the range and type of innovative and challenging machining demonstrations taking place.

Mike Fleming, Seco Tools UK’s sales & marketing manager explains: “This year we’ve put machining demonstrations right at the heart of the event.

“There are more demonstrations taking place. All of them are industry-specific and all are either actual ‘customer’ components or have been based on actual customer components.”

Although the focus has changed, the emphasis is still very much on collaboration, best-practice and knowledge-sharing, with every demonstration being the result of a collective working partnership between Seco Tools and its many Technical Partners.

All Technical Partners, representing machine tool builders and leading CAD/CAM, workholding, cutting fluid, metrology specialists, are directly involved in at least one machining demonstration taking place at this year’s event. However, making the machining demonstrations more relevant and partnership-led isn’t the only change.

Mike Fleming continues: “In previous years, the machining demonstrations took place in the main exhibition area, surrounded by Technical Partner exhibition stands. This arrangement meant that visitors didn’t always have good access to the demonstrations taking place.

“For the 2018 event, a large and specific machining demonstration zone has been created, totally separate from the exhibition area.

Leading-edge Seminars and Tutorials
There are nine leading-edge seminars planned over the two day event, each one delivered by a recognised Industry-expert and each focused on a relevant manufacturing and/or machining issue.

In addition to the seminars a new series of tutorials is also planned. These tutorials, more focused in scope and scale, tackle specific challenges that include best-practice machining of different workpiece materials such as stainless and nickel-based alloys.

Inspiration through Innovation’ is very much focused on the future and is aimed at component manufacturers looking to get out more from their manufacturing processes, systems and people.

The emphasis throughout reflects Seco’s ethos that collaborative approaches to problem-solving and sharing best practice with customers deliver truly inspirational and innovative solutions. The focus for 2018 is on the partnership-led machining demonstrations, augmented by a comprehensive seminar and tutorial programme.

Mike Fleming concludes: “Inspiration through Innovation 2018 is about teamwork and cooperation and how both can help manufacturers raise their game.”

The event is free to visitors, with doors opening on both days at 9.00 am and closing at 7.30pm on the 9th October and 5.00pm on the 10th October.

Manufacturers wishing to attend Seco’s Inspiration though Innovation 2018 event can register by visiting Seco’s website

Seco Tools (UK) Ltd
Tel: 01789 764220