T&T Tubecraft invests in Unison’s ultimate CNC tube bending machine for subcontractors

November 3rd, 2020 2:22 pm | by admin

Tube manipulation and pipe bending subcontract business, T&T Tubecraft, has taken delivery of a new all-electric 130 mm diameter multi-stack CNC tube bending machine from leading tube manipulation technology specialists, Unison Ltd.

This is the third Unison tube bender to be purchased by T&T Tubecraft since 2014. It joins a 50 mm Unison Breeze machine and a 100 mm Unison Breeze multi-stack model that are in daily use at T&T Tubecraft’s Woking-based facility. Offering exceptional power and immense levels of flexibility, the 130 mm machine has been described by Unison as ‘the ultimate tube bending machine for subcontractors’.

Increasing subcontracting capability

“Of all our tube benders, our 100 mm Unison machine is easily the busiest,” says T&T Tubecraft managing director, Ross Turner. “This is largely down to its user-friendly programming, fast tool changes, automatic setup and uncompromising levels of accuracy and repeatability. Ironically, when we purchased the 100 mm Unison machine back in 2015, we didn’t have a vast amount of work for it. This quickly changed, however, as we gained the ability to take on new projects. The new 130 mm machine will increase our capability even further, both in terms of capacity and the ability to tender for an even greater range of projects. We expect it to be of particular interest to customers in the aerospace sector.”

Hitch-feed for bending tubes of up to 8.7 metres in length

The bigger brother of the Unison 100 mm multi-stack machine, the Unison 130 mm tube bender purchased by T&T Tubecraft is particularly suited to bending exotic alloys such as titanium and Inconel, as well as Super-Duplex stainless steels. Able to push bend tubes of up to 6.2 metres in length when in standard mode, it also features a hitch-feed facility, whereby the machine carriage retracts by the length of the next feed, enabling mandrel bending of tubes of up to 8.7 metres long. As a result of this capability, T&T Tubecraft believes that, out of all UK tube manipulation subcontractors, it may provide the longest bending range.

Intelligent manufacturing

Multi-stack tool holding allows the most complex of parts to be formed in one uninterrupted manufacturing cycle, while Unison’s bar code scanning system ensures that only the correct tools are installed while also configuring the machine automatically. A further feature which attracted T&T Tubecraft to the Unison 130 mm machine is the standard-fit rise and fall pressure die. This can result in significant savings in tooling costs and allows tools of very different radii to be used on a part within a cycle. Like all Unison machines, T&T Tubecraft’s new 130 mm machine is also highly powerful. “This is a significant advantage for us, as it provides the reassurance to achieve high quality thin wall bending, even on high yield-strength alloys such as Inconel,” adds Ross Turner.

The 130 mm machine has been networked to T&T Tubecraft’s CAD facilities and a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for verifying bend accuracy and design conformity. The tube bender can be programmed manually or from CAD data using industry-standard IGES or STEP files, while data obtained by the CMM from the first manufactured part can be used to make automatic adjustments to the machine prior to commencing a manufacturing cycle.

Right-first-time approach

“The all-electric architecture and automated Unibend software-controlled setup of our Unison machines offers major advantages over hydraulic machines,” continues Ross Turner. “Bending accuracy and repeatability are dramatically improved. We achieve right-first-time manufacturing for repeat subcontract work and typically expect even the first bent trial component at the start of a project to be very close to what we are looking to achieve. Machine configuration is also rapid, typically only taking 15 to 20 minutes. As a subcontract tube manipulation company, we also quickly get to hear how well new machines are viewed by our teams. Unison machines are very well received by our workforce.  Unison’s Unibend operating software is exceptionally intuitive, meaning much faster programming and accelerated training for new staff members. Our operators consider the Unibend control system to be exceptionally user friendly.”

“It is always satisfying to receive repeat orders, especially when they are from such a well-respected company as T&T Tubecraft,” adds Unison key account manager, Steve Haddrell. “What was particularly rewarding in this instance, however, was the opportunity to work closely with the customer to deliver an already exceptionally capable, powerful and robust multi-radius – multi-stack machine with the additional component length to give them a real edge in the subcontractor marketplace.”


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Emphasis on productive solutions for subcontractors from Gewefa at Southern Manufacturing

January 4th, 2018 4:41 pm | by Rob

Gewefa UK Ltd, the Corsham based specialist toolholding and allied equipment supplier, is offering products with special appeal to subcontract manufacturers at Southern Manufacturing 2018.

Keith Warner, managing director of Gewefa UK, says: “We met a lot of subcontractors at our first appearance last year and it was clear they are always on the lookout for toolholding and metal cutting solutions that give them a lead in productivity, precision and repeatability. In the past year Gewefa has introduced a number of innovations and we will be featuring them at a UK exhibition for the first time.”

These will include the Gewefa ‘HydroPin’ hydraulic chuck with a fixed stop pin and the new ‘Easy-Fix’ boring bar toolholder. The HydroPin single point boring bar toolholder is a Gewefa invention and utilises the proven tool grip features of a hydraulic chuck with the added advantage of guaranteeing fixed orientation when positioning the bar. ‘Easy-Fix’ is a unique hydraulic chuck for holding Sandvik Coromant Easi-Fix boring bars. It removes the need for reduction sleeves while eliminating run out and guaranteeing the centre height at the insert tip. Setting time is substantially reduced, by as much as 75 percent, with the Gewefa design featuring a spring plunger mounted in the toolholder body. This locates into a fine groove machined into all Coromant Easi-Fix boring bar shanks and aligns the bar position precisely for the correct centre height. Along with the hydraulic chuck operation, a secure grip is guaranteed with integral anti-vibration damping to optimise the machining process.

In addition, the Gewefa stand will also feature products from Gewefa’s partners, who they represent exclusively in the UK. These will include EWS static and driven tools, OTT spindle monitoring equipment, Pibomulti angle heads and speeders, Nann collets and Rineck heat shrink clamping machines.

Highly experienced Gewefa personnel will be available to discuss all aspects of toolholding and related products with visitors.

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