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SPI Lasers celebrates 20 years of innovation

February 5th, 2020 12:00 pm | by admin

In 2020, SPI Lasers, the UK-based designer and manufacturer of fibre lasers will be celebrating its 20th year, marking two decades of innovation and growth; cementing its position as one of the world’s longest established fibre laser manufacturers.

Back in 2000, Southampton Photonics Inc, as it was originally known, was founded as a spin out company from Southampton University’s Optoelectronics Research Centre, initially specialising in fibre optical components for the telecommunications industry, but going on to develop both pulsed and CW fibre lasers under the redENERGY and redPOWER brands, lasers that now enable a significant element of industrial manufacturing around the globe.

Over the last 20 years, the 50,000+ laser units deployed by SPI have been heavily involved in producing a myriad of everyday devices from some of the world’s leading brands, all based on lasers manufactured at their facilities located in Southampton and Rugby, England.

This year SPI is celebrating its 20th anniversary by looking at how far it has come over the past two decades, from generating lasers with just a few watts capacity up to the 20 kW machines it produces today, as well as looking forward to a future of continued innovation and development.

Mark Greenwood, CEO at SPI Lasers states: “It’s taken dedication and commitment to become a leader in the design and manufacture of some of the world’s finest fibre lasers, none of which would have been possible without being able to bring together some of the most creative and brightest minds in the business. Our ethos of encouraging sharing and learning has resulted in some fantastic developments and a lot of fun along the way.

I for one am looking forward to what developments the next twenty years will bring.”

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SPI Lasers, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of fibre lasers for use in materials processing applications in a wide range of industries. Its technology solves manufacturing problems and moves the boundaries of what is possible, making good products better and enabling new designs. Headquartered in Southampton, United Kingdom, SPI Lasers has been operating since 2000. SPI Lasers sells its products globally and has its major business operations, including research and development and manufacturing, in the United Kingdom, with additional sales and customer support locations in Asia and North America. For more information, contact:

SPI Lasers
Tel: 01489 774515

£3 million sales confirmed

July 24th, 2018 3:01 pm | by Rob

The projection that TRUMPF UK sales will close at the end of this current financial year at more than £52 million was certainly enhanced by orders the company received at its Open House event that ran from 12th–14th June. TRUMPF UK welcomed more than 200 visitors from 130 manufacturing companies and several were sufficiently impressed by what they saw to make an investment, confirming this event to be among the highlights of the sheet metalworking calendar in UK.

TRUMPF UK reports confirmed orders across its product ranges including the TruBend, TruPunch, TruMark and TruLaser including a TruLaser tube cutting machine.  In total the order value was around £3 million.

All TRUMPF technologies were featured at the show, but the focus was on Industry 4.0, automation and the connected factory at every stage of implementation. Early feedback has confirmed that many visitors benefited significantly from the guidance of TRUMPF experts in this field who came from Austria, Germany and the USA.

Machine highlights included the TruLaser 3030 6kW and TruLaser 5030 8kW machines, both with BrightLine fiber, the TruPunch 5000 with SheetMaster, the TruBend 5130 with various productivity features and the TruTool power tools including the new 18V range.

The Open House also proved the excellent launch platform for the new TruLaser 2030 4kW BrightLine fiber machine in the UK, an entry level product for flat sheet laser cutting which sparked much interest.

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